Don’t Monkey Around with Bananas

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Bananas….they’re not just loved by monkeys; they’re loved by the world. Bananas are grown on plants and come in bunches that are also known as “hands.” The plants can grow to be 10, even 26 feet high and are in the same family as the lily and the orchid. While we are most accustomed to the yellow variety, bananas actually come in hundreds of different types that can include red, pink, purple, and black. The Plantain bananas are one type of species and are usually cooked due to their starchy texture.


Bananas are thought to have originated in Malaysia around 4,000 years ago according to the website Now, predominate in the United States, they are grown in lush and exotic locales like Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil.

In Hawaii, and other tropical and subtropical regions, a variety called Apple Bananas are grown year round. Although they are…

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An Inside Look: Oahu

Nickname: The Gathering Place

Home of iconic Waikiki Beach, famous surfer Duke Kahanamoku, Pearl Harbor, and North Shore’s Banzai Pipeline surf spot

The island of Oahu is a premier vacation destination, with its rich culture, history, and iconic landmarks that people travel far and wide to experience. It is known as “The Gathering Place” and rightfully so. The capital city of Honolulu, located on the South end of the island, is the site of the historic Hawaiian Royal Monarch and present day government for the State of Hawaii. But beyond the tourist traps and guided tours lies adventures that offer a deeper look into what makes this beautiful island different from the rest.

Kayaking to the Mokuluas:

MoksOn the windward (East) side of the island is the town of Kailua. It is an area with quaint neighborhoods, scenic mountain cliffs, and one of the world’s top ranked beaches-Lanikai.  Just off the coast sits two triangle shaped islands known as the Mokes. Their official name is Na Mokulua, meaning “the two islands” in Hawaiian. For the adventurer, these pristine, uninhabited islands are just a kayak away. You can rent a kayak in Kailua and wheel it down to the beach park. As you paddle across the open water, sea turtles and other marine life float by carefree, greeting you with their presence. Once you make it to land, the destination is magical and the journey is memorable.

Shrimp trucks:


North Shore, Oahu is synonymous with big wave surfers and adrenaline junkies. During the winter months, spectators and surfers flock to the area to feel the power of the ocean and ride the monster waves but the water isn’t the only thing calling your name. Nearby are several food trucks, dishing up hot plates of ono’licious garlic shrimp. Served up with a side of freshly steamed rice, a visit to the famous shrimp trucks will definitely hit the spot!

Hiking Stairway to Heaven:

IMG_1936Officially known as the Haiku Stairs, these metal ladder-like steps line the mountainside from its base at the Valley of Haiku in Kaneohe all the way up to an old World War II radio tower that sits 2,800 feet in the air. Constructed in 1942, the stairs have since been closed to the public and currently await the decision of lawmakers to reopen the nearly 4,000 step hiking adventure. Although “No Trespassing” signs are mounted all around the site, daring hikers continue to climb the Haiku Stairs for a chance to experience its unimaginable views, sheer drop offs, and true beauty.

3 Must See Beaches on Oahu!

BeachEven in the dead of winter, the beaches of Hawaii are as glorious, warm, and beautiful as ever. With moderate temperatures all year round, Hawaii boasts some of the best scenery and warm waters on earth. It’s hard to identify which are “the best” when they are all truly something to marvel.

On the island of Oahu the coastline is gorgeous from east to west and north to south but if you’re looking to experience some of the most notable beaches on the island, we recommend checking these out .

Waikiki: World famous Waikiki Beach, which is Hawaiian for “spouting waters” has been one of the most well-known and visited beaches on the island. With Diamond Head crater in the background and plenty of activities, restaurants, and shops, it has become a top tourist destination. The waters are ideal for learning to surf just as the legendary Duke Kahanamoku did, becoming an iconic figure to the sport.

North Shore-Waimea Bay: This is another well-known beach due to its monstrous waves, which are referred to as Mavericks by the pros who surf them. The scenes we see on TV are even more epic and heart stopping in real life as waves come crashing in and surfers grab hold of their momentum.  Although amazing for professionals, amateurs should really remain onlookers; avoiding danger and enjoying the beauty.

Kailua Beach: For adventurers who are looking to spend the day playing at the beach, this is the perfect spot to grab your toys and head to the water. Great for families as well, Kailua has a great town and beautiful waters. Many come to kayak, paddleboard, and even snorkel. Its less crowded sands allow for a more relaxed and local experience.


Many more beaches with picture perfect panoramas line the perimeter of Oahu, making your choices many but satisfaction is guaranteed. Treat them with respect and cherish their splendor so they may be enjoyed by others for generations to come.


The Launch Program Designed for Success!

1627Maui Wowi has an exclusive franchisee launch program which includes the support, guidance, and tools to lead a franchisee to success! With our dedicated team and advanced technology, this launch program will ensure a smooth process for the franchisees to get their business up and running fast. The program, focused on both retail and mobile units, gives franchisees a list of tasks to complete for a successful kickoff event. Detailed instructions on everything from construction equipment, to the cost of a grand opening are provided, plus the franchisee will receive undivided support and attention from the Mainland staff during each step.

To begin the life as a Maui Wowi business owner, each franchisee has 6 days of hands-on training, complete with time to meet one-on-one with vendors, as well as meeting a member of the Franchisee Advisory Council. The franchisees will also get their feet wet with the chance to work an actual event.

At training, the franchisees receive fully loaded iPads, which will digitally organize manuals, guides, intranet systems, and much more. Whether they’re preparing for their first event or opening a store, our step-by-step program will take them through the process. Our launch program includes weekly calls and constant communication to ensure everything goes smoothly.

1628Events and Venues manager, Misty Hartner, is right by the franchisee’s side during the first event, to make sure the transition process runs smoothly.  The Mobile Launch Program is a great way for new business owners to ensure they have all the necessary tools, as well as providing additional training from what was already covered at mainland training. “I believe the best part of the Event Launch Program is that we are able to provide an extra layer of support to the franchisees. For them to know there is someone there to lend an extra hand, answer their questions, and make them feel supported; that’s the mission of this program,” said Misty Hartner. The first event is crucial, and making it a success will ensure a successful business in the future!

1630 “It was extremely beneficial to have a Mainland team member with us. Misty showed us how to best represent Maui Wowi, from set-up to serving smoothies, and everything in between. Any concerns or issues we had were quickly resolved. It would have been a tough day without her and our Director of Regional Support.”

~Shannon-Temecula, California

The Art of the LTO

You’ve probably heard of the McRib. A condensed meat patty, drenched in barbeque sauce and the envy of every fast food company. This oddly popular menu item, featured at McDonalds, is what is known as a limited-time offer, or LTO for short. But what purpose does the LTO serve for individual businesses and for brands as a whole?

It’s no coincidence why fans of the McRib will line up and wait for hours just to get their hands on this sandwich. The pop culture food phenomenon has worked its way into the American psyche, not by mistake but by a carefully planned and executed LTO program.

LTO campaigns are a great way to build excitement and give business owners something new to talk about that will help them leverage the sense of immediacy and boost sales. According to an article by QSR Magazine, “Quick serves have discovered that a good limited-time offer can boost brand excitement and even singlehandedly drive sales.”

Types of LTO’s

There are a variety of different types of LTO’s and reasons for offering them. Here are a few and where Maui Wowi’s fit into the scheme of things.


  • Seasonal. Some are launched as seasonal or holiday options to bring a particular item out for a short time, depending on the time of year.
    • Maui Wowi’s Pumpkin Pie Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Gingerbread Latte are examples of a seasonal LTO. They create excitement for the fall or winter months and can be easily removed from the menu when the seasons are over.
  • Trying new menu options. Other LTO’s can be offered as an extension to a company’s existing product line, without the overload of adding too many permanent items. If the LTO is unsuccessful, it won’t be as detrimental to the brand and can easily be removed and used as a tool to learn about what their customers want and how to meet their needs in the future.
  • MMR-LTO-8x11
    • Maui Wowi is currently running the Maui Mountain Roast coffee as a limited-time offer and has previously offered Pacific Passion coffee, and the Orchard Peach smoothie.

These are great examples of generating an interest in new flavors and blends to keep customers wanting more. Trying new menu items, flavors, roasts, etc. are excellent ways to remain fresh and give people something to look forward to by re-energizing the menu.

If something as unusual as the McRib can create a frenzy of excitement, then you know that behind the scenes, every element is working together to turn that LTO into a success.

For small businesses, it’s not just about getting attention, it’s about giving customers what they want and creating a positive experience each and every time.

Labor Day!!

ImageWhat is Labor Day exactly? Labor Day is a marvelous day to celebrate the social and economic contribution of workers. Recognized in 1984, Labor Day was created after the Labor movement and celebrated on the first Monday of every September. This national holiday celebrates the prosperity, the achievements, and how great our country truly is with end-of-summer BBQ’s and family events.

So how about that rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Way back when, when the holiday came about, people had various reasons on this so called “rule”.  Back before there was air conditioning and swamp coolers, there was belief that the only way to stay cool in the summer time was by wearing white.  Another myth of the rule was that wearing white before Labor Day showed economic status. Only wealthy people could afford to wear white in the summer, and then change their outfit preferences in the fall, summer and spring. Nowadays, the confusion of this rule has people questioning on whether or not this is still a valid regulation. What exactly qualifies as “after Labor Day”? Isn’t everyday technically after Labor Day? Maybe there is a reset button for when you can wear white again. Whatever the case, the rule seems more symbolic, and there are plenty of rule breakers out there that challenge the rule.

Whether you’re a rule breaker or a fashionista, a good BBQ isn’t complete without a great dish. Check out this healthy fruit recipe to be a show stopper no matter what color you wear to the party.