New Summertime Coffee: Midnight Kona!

MidnightKona_sq_imgBold, Dark and Delicious! As most coffees go blonde this time of year, Maui Wowi wanted to turn heads with a delicious, rich, dark roast instead, and it’s creating a stir! Introducing Midnight Kona, a premium dark roast coffee, available for a limited time at participating Maui Wowi Hawaiian stores, kiosks, and mobile units while supplies last.

Midnight Kona offers a bold Hawaiian personality with a complex flavor profile coffee lovers will admire. A blend of Costa Rican and Kona coffee beans, the new brew presents a balanced flavor with a rich, heavy body that is countered with subtle hints of coriander and cinnamon. The unique, peppery aroma of this one of a kind summer brew sets it apart from Maui Wowi’s year round selection of gourmet beans.

The coffee can be prepared over ice or served hot and is the perfect summertime sidekick. Stop in and get yours today! Bags of Midnight Kona in whole bean or ground coffee can also be purchased for a limited time on


A Visit to Diamond Bakery!

logoSamples of cookies and crackers? I’m there! A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting some of our local Hawaiian vendors on Oahu. Many Maui Wowi retail locations currently carry a variety of authentic Hawaiian products such as teas and cookies that might otherwise be difficult to get on the Mainland. I was sent to reconnect with these companies and see firsthand how the products are made.

First up, Diamond Bakery! Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Diamond Bakery has been in business for almost 95 years…and now I know why! This company bakes fresh cookies and crackers with ‘Heartwarming Aloha’ and you can taste it.

I arrived at the facility where I was greeted by the Marketing and Sales Manager who showed me a short video about the history of the company. It was founded in 1921 by three Japanese migrants who set out to create the best bakery in Hawaii. They named their company after Diamond Head, a famous local landmark. Over time, Diamond Bakery mastered the art of crafting the perfect crackers and cookies, which have become loved by locals and visitors alike. The Saloon Pilot Crackers are their most popular item. They are similar to saltines, except heartier and sturdier and pair perfectly with a bowl of chili or chicken noodle soup.CrackerCollage

Their cookies on the other hand, are sweet and delectable. As we took a tour of the factory, donning a fashionable hairnet of course, I got to see how the dough is made, baked, and packaged into bags of cookies in flavors such as Maui Sugar, Candy Bead, and Chocolate Chip. The machines were loud and the ovens were hot but the product at the end of the line was delicious!


I learned a lot about the quality of the company and its values. They are a supporter of the American Heart Association as well as the USO, which they partner with to donate product to soldiers overseas for a little taste of Aloha. They are also heavily involved in the community, supporting marine conservation and local food banks.

Maui Wowi is proud to offer Diamond Bakery products in our stores and look forward to future opportunities to help spread ‘Heartwarming Aloha.’

Stay tuned to find out what other factory I visited…

Our Special Spring Coffee Roast is Back!

PacificPassionIt’s freezing, the roads are slippery, and schools are cancelled. We hear ya! It’s been a long, cold winter and we could all use something to warm our spirits and remind us that better days are just ahead. Pacific Passion, our popular spring limited time offer (LTO) coffee is making its way back to the brewers for the fifth year in a row! Pacific Passion is naturally sweet, with a fruity aroma, and a full body finish. This freshly roasted blend uses coffee beans from Hawaii and Papua New Guinea that combine into a delightful offering and make it the perfect way to emerge from hibernation.

Available beginning March 9 through May 31, 2015, customers can grab a cup of Pacific Passion coffee at participating retail locations, mall kiosks, and event units. In addition, it will be available for purchase online at

“Pacific Passion has become an item that customers look forward to each year and we are just as happy to have it return to our brewers,” said Mike Weinberger, Chief Executive Officer of Maui Wowi Hawaiian. “It’s an enjoyable blend of coffee that is smooth, yet satisfying and a great way to start your day.”

Baby it’s cold outside: Warm up with Holiday LTO’s

WinterTreats-Holiday_LTONow that the holidays are in full swing, we just wanted to give a shout out to our two amazingly ono’licous holiday espresso drinks. In case you haven’t heard, Maui Wowi serves up hand crafted Gingerbread Lattes and Peppermint Mochas now through the end of the year at participating locations and events.

We know there are plenty of get ‘em while they last type of products out there right now, but we like to believe ours are worth the trip. Made with freshly roasted Hawaiian espresso beans, each caffeinated shot is gently poured and combined with your choice of milk, drizzled with gourmet holiday flavored syrups, and sprinkled with the Aloha Spirit. Now if that doesn’t get your taste buds excited, I don’t know what will. Warm up with our limited time offers while they last and drink in paradise at Maui Wowi Hawaiian.