4 Years and Phelan Good!

smoothie winner Megan
Since opening their Phelan, California store in 2011, Michael and Darlene McQuown have thrown an anniversary party each year to celebrate and show the community their appreciation. In its fourth year of being open, Michael was unable to host the anniversary party so he decided to change it up a bit by hosting a customer appreciation event a few months later instead.  No harm no foul here, as his community came out in full force to support their favorite local coffee and smoothie shop.

“Summer in our town is actually our slow time due to school being out, so we never know how many people will show up to our summer events,” said Michael. By promoting it on social media and through word of mouth, he was pleasantly surprised. “This actually was a big hit and we are very pleased with the turnout,” he said.

Area Director of Regional Support, Barb Putman, helped out with the event, coming equipped with her famous prize wheel and ready to have some fun. In addition to lots of prize giveaways, they had live music from the band Under Construction, which were a huge hit. But that wasn’t entertainment enough for Michael who also invited Forever Wild Animal Sanctuary. They brought with them an alligator, a hedgehog, and a ferret, keeping everyone on their toes.

Along with gift baskets, coupons, and other fun prizes, two lucky winners received free smoothies for a year! Michael has been doing this giveaway since his first anniversary celebration and the community loves it. The winners each received a Tiki cup that they can fill up for free once a week for a year.

The great turnout and smiling faces made it all worth it and signaled to Michael and Darlene that things could get busy now that the school year is back in session. Their location has become a fixture in the community and this customer appreciation event was a great reminder of what they have accomplished over the past four years. Congrats!

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Under Construction

The band Under Construction.

Barb with Vet

Veteran Tribute Video Airs on Fox!

FoxFriendsMaui Wowi recently appeared not once, not twice, but three times on Fox News. The network took an interest in the viral video featuring our location in Ocean City, New Jersey and played the video during their Shot of the Morning segment. Soon after it aired, the producer invited store owner Seth Bazacas to do an on-camera interview at their studios in New York.

The segment went so well that they asked us back again to appear on Fox & Friends. Seth and his business partner Kyle Plachta were interviewed by Fox News reporters and the video was played for a third time on the network. An additional segment posted online called After the Show spent some extra time with Seth and Kyle explaining the tradition and what it means to them. Please check out the clip below and then visit our YouTube channel for more.

What Do Cookies and Franchising Have in Common?

Do you ever get the craving for fresh baked cookies but the thought of pulling out all the ingredients, measuring, mixing, and then waiting for it to bake, just seems overwhelming? Luckily, in cases like this, there is another option. Go to the fridge and pull out the pre-made cookie dough, break it apart onto a cookie sheet and let it bake. A few minutes later, all that’s left are cookie crumbs in your bed and a smile on your face. Mission accomplished. It still took some effort on your part but most of the groundwork was already done for you and the goal was achieved much quicker.

Just like baking cookies, starting a business from scratch can be a tedious and arduous process. That’s why so many have chosen franchising as a way to jumpstart their goals of business ownership. The Maui Wowi mobile business model allows franchisees to get started right away and no time is wasted for some, who join our ‘ohana and immediately get to work. That’s what Wes and Mendee Thomas have done since becoming Maui Wowi franchisees earlier this summer.

ThomasFresh out of training, Wes and Mendee got busy right away, working their first event just days after returning home. They took the tools and skills they had learned and put them to use, jumpstarting their business and placing them in the fast lane to success.

“We were tired of running the corporate race,” said Mendee. “We both work the business full time now and have jumped in with both feet.”

Wes and Mendee were up and running so quickly that by the time our Franchise Support Coordinator was able to schedule an official Event Launch, the two of them had already worked several events including a music festival, softball tournaments, and fireworks display. Now, with a few months under their belt, they are all in and going strong! They say they have been very aggressive about booking and working events, making sure to build strong relationships along the way.

Their determination has recently landed them a contract with JQH Arena at Missouri State University, an 11,000 seat venue that hosts the university’s basketball games, concerts, special events, and more. This new addition calls for expansion, as Wes and Mendee are planning to add a second cart to keep up with their growing list of opportunities.

By taking advantage of a franchise with systems and tools that were already in place when they arrived, Wes and Mendee have managed to truly hit the ground running. But even with so much going on, their teamwork and dedication to success continues to push them forward.

“We’ve gotten so smooth at set up and tear down that we often feel like we’ve forgotten something,” said Mendee. “Wes and I are making an amazing team and loving every minute of it.”

Thomas Event2Thomas Event TogetherThomas Event

The Best Way to Relive Your Honeymoon

Hawaiian weddingExchanging vows in front of an ocean sunset, toes buried in the sand and a cool breeze blowing by. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve already tied the knot or you just have dreams of that fantasy destination wedding. Whether it’s Cancun, Mexico, the Bahamas, or Hawaii, a beachside ceremony is a picturesque place when deciding on the perfect venue for your nuptials. According to statistics, Hawaii plays host to 20,000 weddings per year on average. Destination weddings account for 24% of marriages and Hawaii is the second most popular place, behind Las Vegas.

Sunset-2015It’s no surprise couples want to spend the momentous occasion in such a dreamy locale. Its natural beauty and romantic setting are evidenced in the numerous waterfalls, rainbows, and powdery beaches, all awaiting you upon your arrival. Of course, Hawaii is also well known for its welcoming culture and Aloha Spirit, making it a perfect place for both weddings and honeymoons.

Spending a week on the islands is not nearly enough for some, who after experiencing everything it has to offer, wish they could take a piece of it home with them. That could be why a large number of our franchisees all have similar stories of being drawn to Maui Wowi. Many have fond memories of getting married in Hawaii or spending their honeymoon there. Our entire concept elicits the feelings of paradise, complete with a laidback culture, the freedom to enjoy life, and chance to be part of a tight knit community of franchisees that we call our ‘ohana.

KauaiOur franchisees took a survey recently asking them “What does Hawaii mean to you?” Many of them recounted stories of relaxation, celebrations, and time to get back to what’s important in life. To a lot of people, the islands serve as a source of rejuvenation. A place to recharge and slowdown. It’s a calm atmosphere but a fun atmosphere. One that brings people together to enjoy the moment.

With every freshly blended smoothie we hand over the counter, we hope to provide our customers with a little piece of paradise. It’s our chance to make them smile with a friendly ‘Aloha,’ feel appreciated with a ‘Mahalo,’ and serve them a refreshing vacation in a cup!

Community is Our Middle Name

CrewAt the heart of Maui Wowi is a family, a tribe, an ‘ohana. We live and breathe it every single day with our franchisees, our co-workers, and our customers. Many companies have become removed from their true callings but at Maui Wowi, we have Team Karma to help us remain grounded and give more meaning to what we do. Team Karma is an initiative that was started nearly two years ago at the Maui Wowi headquarters in Denver as a way to encourage corporate responsibility and to further contribute to the ongoing efforts of our franchisees who regularly give back to their communities.

We’re not just in the business of making money, we make people smile. But it’s not hard when you hand them a mouthwatering Strawberry smoothie topped with a little umbrella and utter the word Mahalo. It instantly brightens their day and transports them to paradise. The more smoothies we can give out, the more joy we will bring to people. That’s why we recently volunteered our time and services at the 27th annual Kid’s Cure for Cancer Walk sponsored by Brent’s Place, which provides a “Safe-Clean” and supportive environment for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Held on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado, the event was a chance for families to enjoy the day outside with fun activities and lots of love. Along the course, Maui Wowi set up our fun tiki hut and blended up batches of Mango Orange and Strawberry smoothies. As walkers came through, they sported smiles from ear to ear and happily sipped their smoothies as they continued along their walk.

“What a great day it was to spend the time to connect, watch and join the families of these kiddos that are undergoing such a traumatic life event,” said Misty Hartner, Director of Franchise Support at Maui Wowi. “Getting to experience the smiles, joy and laughter of everyone throughout the day made the whole event worthwhile. It truly was a blessing to be part of such a wonderful organization that gives back to so many and helps make the world a better place.”

Through Team Karma, Maui Wowi aims to touch many more lives by connecting with the people and communities around us. It’s about more than just raising money or making a donation, we are in the business of making people smile…one smoothie at a time.

A big Mahalo to Brent’s Place for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing event and to all the volunteers, supporters, and participants who took part in Kid’s Cure for Cancer. Aloha!

IMG_0729FullSizeRender4FullSizeRenderSmoothie Stand 3

Proud to be an American- Video Goes Viral!

Flag-TributeFranchising has long been known as an ideal option for veterans who are transitioning into civilian life. As a Military Friendly Franchise, we offer more than just a business venture; we offer a system that works as one. Our franchisees become our ‘ohana, looking out for one another and helping to guide each other towards success. With a solid company foundation, proven systems, and the ‘ohana by your side, the sky’s the limit.

Proud to be an American- Video Goes Viral!

Taken at our location on the Ocean City Boardwalk in New Jersey, this video has received over 7 million views and has pulled at the heartstrings of many Americans. This touching tribute is performed by the franchisee every morning at 9:20 a.m., attracting veterans and passersby to stop and pay their respects. Watch the video below or click HERE


For more information please visit www.mauiwowifranchise.com.

Ross Hits the Bullseye!

HarriedTwo years in the making…and persistence has paid off! Franchisee Ross Harried has just landed a contract at the Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis, Home of the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves, concerts, and other great events!

After becoming a franchisee in January of 2013, Ross has been diligently working to place his mobile Ka’anapali Carts in some of Minnesota’s premier events and venues. With his current contract at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the addition of Target Center will keep his carts busy all year long.

To get into the Target Center, Ross had to wait patiently and maintain a relationship with the venue. At the time he first reached out to them, there wasn’t availability for another smoothie vendor. Ross kept in contact with the people at Target Center over the years and when the time was right, they asked him to come in and serve visitors on a regular basis.

Since getting in a few weeks ago, Ross says he has seen tremendous business and is building a great customer following at the venue. There is also the potential to increase the number of carts at the location.

“Everything is happening quicker than expected,” said Ross. “We doubled our sales after just three events.”

It wasn’t just Ross’s persistence and professionalism that got him where he is, it was the overall reputation of Maui Wowi throughout the Great Lakes Region and beyond.

Franchisee and Director of Regional Support, Mary Bigler, has been serving up the Aloha Spirit for more than 12 years and has wowed customers and concessionaires at the Xcel Energy Center, TCF Bank Stadium, Mariucci Arena, and many more. With her support and a great ‘ohana, the brand continues to grow and take advantage of new opportunities.

“Ross has been a franchisee for just over two years and he has taken what Maui Wowi has built in Minnesota over the past 14 years and helped it explode,” said Mary.

Congratulations Ross!