What Do Cookies and Franchising Have in Common?

Do you ever get the craving for fresh baked cookies but the thought of pulling out all the ingredients, measuring, mixing, and then waiting for it to bake, just seems overwhelming? Luckily, in cases like this, there is another option. Go to the fridge and pull out the pre-made cookie dough, break it apart onto a cookie sheet and let it bake. A few minutes later, all that’s left are cookie crumbs in your bed and a smile on your face. Mission accomplished. It still took some effort on your part but most of the groundwork was already done for you and the goal was achieved much quicker.

Just like baking cookies, starting a business from scratch can be a tedious and arduous process. That’s why so many have chosen franchising as a way to jumpstart their goals of business ownership. The Maui Wowi mobile business model allows franchisees to get started right away and no time is wasted for some, who join our ‘ohana and immediately get to work. That’s what Wes and Mendee Thomas have done since becoming Maui Wowi franchisees earlier this summer.

ThomasFresh out of training, Wes and Mendee got busy right away, working their first event just days after returning home. They took the tools and skills they had learned and put them to use, jumpstarting their business and placing them in the fast lane to success.

“We were tired of running the corporate race,” said Mendee. “We both work the business full time now and have jumped in with both feet.”

Wes and Mendee were up and running so quickly that by the time our Franchise Support Coordinator was able to schedule an official Event Launch, the two of them had already worked several events including a music festival, softball tournaments, and fireworks display. Now, with a few months under their belt, they are all in and going strong! They say they have been very aggressive about booking and working events, making sure to build strong relationships along the way.

Their determination has recently landed them a contract with JQH Arena at Missouri State University, an 11,000 seat venue that hosts the university’s basketball games, concerts, special events, and more. This new addition calls for expansion, as Wes and Mendee are planning to add a second cart to keep up with their growing list of opportunities.

By taking advantage of a franchise with systems and tools that were already in place when they arrived, Wes and Mendee have managed to truly hit the ground running. But even with so much going on, their teamwork and dedication to success continues to push them forward.

“We’ve gotten so smooth at set up and tear down that we often feel like we’ve forgotten something,” said Mendee. “Wes and I are making an amazing team and loving every minute of it.”

Thomas Event2Thomas Event TogetherThomas Event

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