The Best Way to Relive Your Honeymoon

Hawaiian weddingExchanging vows in front of an ocean sunset, toes buried in the sand and a cool breeze blowing by. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve already tied the knot or you just have dreams of that fantasy destination wedding. Whether it’s Cancun, Mexico, the Bahamas, or Hawaii, a beachside ceremony is a picturesque place when deciding on the perfect venue for your nuptials. According to statistics, Hawaii plays host to 20,000 weddings per year on average. Destination weddings account for 24% of marriages and Hawaii is the second most popular place, behind Las Vegas.

Sunset-2015It’s no surprise couples want to spend the momentous occasion in such a dreamy locale. Its natural beauty and romantic setting are evidenced in the numerous waterfalls, rainbows, and powdery beaches, all awaiting you upon your arrival. Of course, Hawaii is also well known for its welcoming culture and Aloha Spirit, making it a perfect place for both weddings and honeymoons.

Spending a week on the islands is not nearly enough for some, who after experiencing everything it has to offer, wish they could take a piece of it home with them. That could be why a large number of our franchisees all have similar stories of being drawn to Maui Wowi. Many have fond memories of getting married in Hawaii or spending their honeymoon there. Our entire concept elicits the feelings of paradise, complete with a laidback culture, the freedom to enjoy life, and chance to be part of a tight knit community of franchisees that we call our ‘ohana.

KauaiOur franchisees took a survey recently asking them “What does Hawaii mean to you?” Many of them recounted stories of relaxation, celebrations, and time to get back to what’s important in life. To a lot of people, the islands serve as a source of rejuvenation. A place to recharge and slowdown. It’s a calm atmosphere but a fun atmosphere. One that brings people together to enjoy the moment.

With every freshly blended smoothie we hand over the counter, we hope to provide our customers with a little piece of paradise. It’s our chance to make them smile with a friendly ‘Aloha,’ feel appreciated with a ‘Mahalo,’ and serve them a refreshing vacation in a cup!

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