Community is Our Middle Name

CrewAt the heart of Maui Wowi is a family, a tribe, an ‘ohana. We live and breathe it every single day with our franchisees, our co-workers, and our customers. Many companies have become removed from their true callings but at Maui Wowi, we have Team Karma to help us remain grounded and give more meaning to what we do. Team Karma is an initiative that was started nearly two years ago at the Maui Wowi headquarters in Denver as a way to encourage corporate responsibility and to further contribute to the ongoing efforts of our franchisees who regularly give back to their communities.

We’re not just in the business of making money, we make people smile. But it’s not hard when you hand them a mouthwatering Strawberry smoothie topped with a little umbrella and utter the word Mahalo. It instantly brightens their day and transports them to paradise. The more smoothies we can give out, the more joy we will bring to people. That’s why we recently volunteered our time and services at the 27th annual Kid’s Cure for Cancer Walk sponsored by Brent’s Place, which provides a “Safe-Clean” and supportive environment for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Held on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado, the event was a chance for families to enjoy the day outside with fun activities and lots of love. Along the course, Maui Wowi set up our fun tiki hut and blended up batches of Mango Orange and Strawberry smoothies. As walkers came through, they sported smiles from ear to ear and happily sipped their smoothies as they continued along their walk.

“What a great day it was to spend the time to connect, watch and join the families of these kiddos that are undergoing such a traumatic life event,” said Misty Hartner, Director of Franchise Support at Maui Wowi. “Getting to experience the smiles, joy and laughter of everyone throughout the day made the whole event worthwhile. It truly was a blessing to be part of such a wonderful organization that gives back to so many and helps make the world a better place.”

Through Team Karma, Maui Wowi aims to touch many more lives by connecting with the people and communities around us. It’s about more than just raising money or making a donation, we are in the business of making people smile…one smoothie at a time.

A big Mahalo to Brent’s Place for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing event and to all the volunteers, supporters, and participants who took part in Kid’s Cure for Cancer. Aloha!

IMG_0729FullSizeRender4FullSizeRenderSmoothie Stand 3

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